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Hand made glass bead anfd silver bracelet

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Hand Crafted Bespoke Artisan Sweets, Burfe / Burfi / Barfi Fusion of East meets West, creating a Magical Contemporary Love Story of Culinary Mouth watering Delights using the Finest Ingredients to combine the best Belgian Chocolate, Desi Burfi, Truffles, Fine Caramels and Organic Dried Fruits, Salted Caramels, Pralines infused with Artistic Embellishments to give Beauty to the Eyes and Bliss to the Taste Buds. Perfect for Gifts, Celebrations, Special ,Occasions, Parties, Wedding Favours, Baby Showers. LET LOVE FLOW 💜

I have practiced as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist for 24 years and my creative passions come from being a Glass Artist, which has given my a Creative foundation for Artisan Sweets and Chocolate Designs, as I often go into the zone whilst designing 

“Within every hand crafted Sweet or Chocolate that I make, I always welcome creative flow which often surprises me as it appears to come from beyond the 6 senses, hence all of my work is made from the source of Pure Divine Love, Flow and Creative Expression.  Each creation is unique, bespoke and  very rarely identical .”

Let Love Flow